For architects and interior designers

We help architects and interior designers find the ideal furniture for their residential, restaurant, office and boutique hotel projects.

We offer everything from well-known pieces by top brands to one-of-a-kind, local craftsmanship.

Maintain control of your project’s interior design without worrying about the work and customer relations.

We handle the entire process with the customer:

  • Proposals on furniture, lighting and decoration
  • Alternative designs and prices
  • Measurements, materials and finishes
  • Budgets and approvals
  • Suppliers orders and coordination of deadlines
  • Storage until delivery date
  • Assembly, installation and disposal of packaging

Furniture proposals and alternatives

Based on the floor plan, we propose pieces and alternatives that fit with the space.

We propose alternatives in both design and budget.


Choice of materials, colors and finishes

Once the furniture has been selected, we help you choose the materials, colors and finishes of each piece and determine the measurements to maintain the overall look, feel and concept.

We offer meetings in our offices with sample materials and finishes.



We prepare a final budget based on the proposal and the defined finishes and measurements.

The budget includes delivery, installation and assembly. We also collect all packaging and deliver it to a green spot for recycling.

Should you need external crane or elevator services, we manage both services and permits. These services will be quoted separately according to the specific requirements.


Comprehensive interior design projects

If you need a comprehensive interior design project, we work with different studios to offer turnkey service.

Contact us for more information.

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